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Event Time and Date

Wednesday, April 26 2017, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

The Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS) Consortium is delighted to invite you to the Student Leadership Showcase event in New York. The main purposes of this event are: promoting the access to free of charge student services online that can support your student academic goals, share topics about how to use technology to maximize your resources, and share success stories of  professionals.

For more information go to: Student Leadership Corner (look for tab: NYC SLS). On this page you will find soon link to online registration, the agenda for the event, details of the conferences and its speakers. For more information call (787) 250-1912 ext. 2372, 2373 or send an email to info@hets.org.

Lehman College, Student Life Building, Room 111A

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